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This is episode for those who are looking for bolt upgrade for their C39V2 rifle. Support Union! Shop in our Store! Nate, I am sure I watched the same you tune video as you. I do not understand why he answered no to this question because in the video they mentioned the bolt was machined wrong and therefore irregular wear was occured.

So it stands to reason that with a new bolt, if you do not already have cracks on the right side, that this would hopefully prevent them from occurring. I have a newer c 39 v2 with no issues yet and I have obviously considered getting a new bolt for this reason alone. Rob, I own a original C39 rifle and C39 v2 pistol. Debating on either selling or just running till dead.

Brutal honesty appreciated. Love what you guys do, thanks. I have a question.

c39v2 bolt upgrade

At yards, with a 27 mph full crosswind, I use wind value for a 25 mph wind, which is roughly 5. So, is a 27 mph crosswind 5 or 6 value? Well, 6.

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Mako, because this is brand new bolt and it has to be fitted to your rifle. Sometimes it works as drop in, but often on AK you have to fit your brand new bolt in. Rob, do you have a link to purchase this Polish bolt? Also, are you using the original Century C39V2 bolt carrier group, piston and recoil assembly with the new bolt?


It is possible this bolt will require minor fitting to one of the lugs before it will lock into battery depending on the rifle. When these rifles are built the bolt lug is typically hand fitted to each rifle at the factory and WBP has removed a small amount from the necessary bolt lug so it will work with most rifles without adjustment. But it is still possible you will need to do some additional fitment.I could have developed a new train, had I stayed in the railway.

It would have looked like the AK though. Reddit Gun Network. All Bakelite Everything : Kalash Hoodies, shirts, and stickers. Comprehensive list of AK by Country. Restoring Bakelite. Thinline Weapons : Gun website mirrors and general firearms content. If you do not read them and get banned then its not anyone's fault but your own. They are simple so follow them. These rules are also posted every time you submit a link or self post so don't say you didn't see them. I have a Century C39V2 - help me upgrade!

I see a lot of posts that say just get a WASR. There is no simple way of "fixing" a C39V2 without literally rebuilding an entirely new rifle. Or would building one be a good option? WASR Avoid anything made in the US. Only some parts kit builds from specialized builders are okay and even then it depends on the particular build. The easy way to not get fucked is to stick to imports and to treat the rifles like you would milsurp, that is that you inspect the rifle before you buy it or accept the tranfer.

Of course anything imported has to be dicked around with a bit due to the import bans and subsequent enforcement of said ban but for the most part the dicked-with ness isn't anything critical. All the critical stuff like the receiver, barrel, bolt, bolt carrier, etc is all proper mil-spec same deal with the WASR 10 for example. It's is the closest of the options that is "universal" in it's furniture and parts options since it's just a simple AKM that ways all the optic mounts, rails, handguard, triggers, etc options will be there for you.

Personally I'd suggest this order of things:. It's supposed to, unfortunately both Robski's and MAC's started to have locking surface deterioration issues.

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Ah okay. To be completely honest I never paid much attention to any video involving it, mainly because I never really cared about subpar American AKs. I was just watching a bflv video and they mentioned that, so I thought it was interesting I guess. I paid less for it a few years ago than online rates for used so I might at least break even and put it toward a WASR or better. Either one is a solid option though.

Sort of. The entire rifle is built in Romania as a single stack rifle. Century gets the rifle mills out the mag well for double stack, adds a slant brake, trigger group, furniture, and a pistol grip. This makes them technically manufactured in America and free from their import restrictions. If you sold it now, without putting a ton more rounds through it, you should get a decent chunk of money to put towards a WASR, which is a much more durable rifle.

I actually just traded mine in for an Arsenal the other week. WASRs are great, prices are currently climbing though. Not really a ton you can do to fix the C39V2, they're better than the originals and it probably won't kill you but it'll always be a mediocre rifle.

It's sure better than an IO at least.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The C39V2, milled from ordnance quality steel, is the premier milled AK rifle available. The advanced flat side rail offers the ability to have four times clamping improvement over any traditional rail for return to zero capability due to additional surface area contact and indexing points with the AK Micro Dot Side Mount.

The base model C39V2 is shipped with a beautiful dark walnut buttstock and handguard. Barrel twist, concentric LH 14x1 metric thread and ready for a variety of muzzle attachments.

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Owner's Manual. Service Recommendations. Red Army Standard Field Kit. Red Army AK 75 rd. Drum Mag. Deluxe AK Cleaning System. Home C39V2. Due to the current situation involving COVID, customers may experience longer than average ship times. Please be assured we are doing everything in our power to get your packages to you in a safe and timely manner.

c39v2 bolt upgrade

Product Code: RIN. California Residents:. Close Interested in special deals?Joint video with Tim from Military Arms Channel! Support Union! Shop in our Store!

Century Arms C39V2 Parts

Hey guys Ive been watching both of you for a long time and I appreciate the both of you posting these great vids. I have an issue with an arsenal rifle that ive just noticed after inspecting all my ak rifles.

On my bolt stem there is a cutout that makes room for the ejector on the rail. The ejector is cutting into the bolt stem making cut lines as it rotates. Do you know if I could fix this by filing on the ejector or the bolt stem? Im worried that the ejector cut could chip off. I have a decent amount of knowledge in the AR models but none with AK pattern guns I need help finding a decent pistol that will not blow up after a few thousand rounds can you point me in the direction of a safe firearm.

What I want is ability to brace 7. I have C39V2 that I purchased at the end of — the first rifle I have ever purchased — and after putting about rounds through it I started testing the headspace, both GO and NOGO, as well inspecting the parts for deformation. Now that I have somewhere between to rounds through it here is what I am finding. Originally I had planned on shooting out the rifle until it failed the NOGO test then getting it re-barreled with a new bolt and carrier, under the assumption that the receiver was still a good part worth keeping around.

Now that it too is showing premature wear I have scratched that idea. Luckily I was able to find a R at one of the local gun dealers several months ago, so I am good as far as feeding my 7.

c39v2 bolt upgrade

Anyway, thanks for all you do, man. Also thanks for the store too, if I can get something I need from you and Ula I always do. I am glad to know about the problems that could start showing. Again good gun. Can the problem with the C39V2 be solved by buying a new bolt, bolt carrier, and recoil spring assembly? If the bolt was milled incorrectly, would replacing it with a properly milled bolt and bolt carrier prevent damage to the receiver?

Rob, Fantastic review. Excellent work. Thank you so much for all your efforts in our behalf. That smile he gave when bump firing with ease was priceless. I think somebody does that a lot for fun.

I watched the last video on the century arms c39v2 and wondered if running it suppressed has either exasperated or speed up the wear of the operating system. No, not in this case. Looking everywhere to purchase a 7.It is their 2nd revision of popular C39 milled receiver AK. New V2 model incorporates many changes which were done based on feedback from AK community. This newer model features now user friendly stock mount, which is fully compatible with M4 adapters like one from Rifle Dynamics for example.

Also, handguards mounting has received lift and it is easier to fit regular size AK hand guards into the receiver — however not without dremel tool action…But the biggest upgrade was done on barrel.

V2 has black nitred barrel made by Green Mountain, which well known barrel making company. Please support the AK Operators Union! We are accepting donations now for new testing equipment! Visit Union store for deals and more!!! I will tell you this, the example i have is very good rifle. I know the C39v2 has the reputation of being a ticking time bombs by many. Or did they ever improve the qc on these guns. And if so, when. I bought my c39v2 in from the same place I got my version 1.

So far it seems like a great gun. Very good buy i paired mine with the venom tactical antidote muzzle brake along with a polymer recoil buffer pad. Eliminates all recoil an muzzle rise honestly feels like im firing a 22lr. Mixed with the cmc elite flat 3. Excelled the performance of my rifle.

Along with the chaos titan rail system for optics mounting never looses zero. After months of research through the ak operators union, for the parts putting all together made for maximum performance. Thank you guys for helping me find everything.

An thanks Rob for all you do. How easy is it to install polymer foregrips or optic mounts like the ultimak forward accessory rail?

Hey Rob thank you for your videos and input on the C39V2. Can you confirm if this is true? How are the barrels on these? C39V2 has nitred treated barrel.

RAS47 has military grade barrel. But some guys were reporting getting good group sizes with it. We will see….Remember Me? Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Some of them have had soft metal problems :[ I have put rounds thru my C39 and its OK so far. I would like to replace them with some commie parts. The C39 is patterned after the Polish AKs. Some guy are putting in refinished Polish AK parts. I have also read that Bulgarian parts work. The part are hard to find and not cheap.

Can any one help me with this problem? Or are there any good AK gunsmith in S. A wealth of AK knowledge on akfiles. JDG, I spend time over at akfiles. That is were I got my info from. Lots of hard core AK lovers. And they have been out of them for a long time. Thank You JDG. How do you like That c39v2? The gun is fun to shoot and has never missed a beat in rounds.

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I have shoot it on a bench rest and it out shoot me each time. And that will be my next AK.

Differences Between AK Bolt Carriers

Good to know. I have a few aks and i was looking at one for on down the road.We offer sales and consignments of firearms and class III weapons as well as components. Please be aware that we cannot sell products that may be in violation to your states rules and regulations regarding firearms, magazines and other related products. Please contact us if you have questions regarding legalities in your state. Our adapters for the C39 V2 models are in stock!

Order the item and leave us a note in the memo section of your order if you have the V2 or RAS47 model. All C39 rear adapters attach through the OEM rear sling loop hole. Upgraded folding adapter offers upgraded machined parts, machined improved locking buffer tube slot to prevent turning, upgraded hinge spring, improved locking hinge, slimmer design and harder coating.

Kit includes, castle nut and all of the hardware, bolts and Allen wrench for mounting. Total length 8. This kit offers a slim AR buffer tube folding adapter and our flat mount stock adapter for the C39 AK pistol. Using our adapter it attaches to the rear of your receiver through the sling hole. It enables you to fold your choice of AR15 M4 type buffer tube stock on your C39 pistol.

c39v2 bolt upgrade

Kit includes, our flat mount adapter, one slim line folding AR buffer tube adapter, and all of the hardware, bolts and Allen wrench for mounting. Rear Stock sold separately. Our new rail adapter makes it easy to add a sling or other rail mount attachment to your Century Arms C39 Pistol. Our adapter mounts to the rear of your receiver through the sling hole once the sling loop is removed. The Rear Rail can also be removed to use the adapter and mount a flat mount stock or flat mount folder as well.

This part number for the Adapter with small machined aluminum rail, threaded inner block with all the bolts and installation instructions. Adapter and rail both made of machine series aluminum. The angle on the rear of the receiver is different.

Our new AR stock adapter makes it easy to add a two bolt style ACE stock, Choate stock or our modular, custom billet rear stock to your Century Arms C39 AK pistol using our adapter attaching to the rear of your receiver through the sling hole. Please call with any questions. This part number for the Adapter only, other parts sold separately.

Composed of Spun, machined Aluminum. Allen wrench and all hardware included. This ported 5. It is a machined, ported muzzle brake with locking notches to prevent any movement while under fire. It is threaded 14 x1 LH for the AK

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